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Apr 16 2011

Watching the news whether early in the mornings or in the afternoons can be a challenge for many people.  For many people it seems as though they have little time for anything anymore.  Missing your favorite news network such as MSNBC and their news personality shows like the Rachel Maddow Show seem like the norm for the average person who does not have time to sit in front of the television.  Well, to combat that reality many people who are interested in the news watch MSNBC online.  They have settled that issue in their life by learning how to view MSNBC online.

The news along with so many other types of media can be easily viewed using the internet. If your job or other routine engagements keep you so busy and on the run then there is always the option to see the same shows that you are missing on the internet.  If you have a laptop and the internet then you are seconds away from watching regular television programming including cable tv as well.  All it takes is learning a few basic steps and you will not be prohibited from watching the news again.

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MSNBC is doing well in the total cable news ratings.  They are currently in 2nd place behind the Fox News Channel in ratings.  CNN surprisingly is in 3rd place with HLN rapidly gaining ground.  MSNBC has two top shows that are gaining strength every week and it seems will continue to do well.  Those two shows are Countdown with Keith Olbermann and the Rachel Maddow Show.  Both shows are very interesting thought provoking shows and are the main attraction for MSNBC news.

It seems as though much of the news has been replaced with political tv commentary. Commentary interests viewers because we think we are getting inside tips and inside info regarding basic news releases.  It is always interesting to hear someone who is credible, their opinion on a particular news story of interest to everyone.  This is the current direction the news media has been going for some years now and it is what is drawing people to watching news more.


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